she blooms wild and burns bright™ – the story

she blooms wild and burns bright

she blooms wild and burns bright

‘she blooms wild and burns bright’ …came from the healing process after a break up.

In 2019, the author butterflies rising was in the process of healing from the end of an incredibly intense relationship; a relationship where she had completely lost herself trying to become small enough for his insecurities.

When the relationship first began, he loved the different energies that she carried within herself – her fire and passion were things that drew him to her. But as the relationship went on, he became insecure about her independent and passionate nature and he slowly became more controlling and manipulative. And she found herself holding back her own bloom and putting out her own fire trying to make him feel safe. In the end, she couldn’t become small enough to make him love her, and she become so small that she couldn’t love herself.

So in the process of healing, she wrote the poem ‘could you love her, still’ as a way of trying to allow herself to find acceptance within herself of all her many layers and energies, and also to articulate how she wanted to someday be loved for all of those many energies.

And ‘she blooms wild and burns bright’ was her way of giving herself permission to start to bloom as wildly and to burn as brightly as her heart dreams.